We are RISING!

Narir Proti Shohingshota Aar Na – Protibaad kori, Protirodh Gori

No More Violence against Women – Let’s Protest, Let’s Resist

 Uddomey Uttoroney Shotokoti (One Billion Rising), an alliance of rights groups, government and private sector institutions, cultural groups, students and activists, is set to mobilise women and men across the country to rise up, walk out and demand an end to violence against women on Thursday (Feb 14) to mark the global ‘One Billion Rising’ campaign being observed.

In Bangladesh, women and men will rise from 1 pm to 1.30 pm in various locations all over Dhaka city as well as in all 66 districts of the country. Instead of one centralised location, the demonstrations will take place in over 39 points in Dhaka and all other districts, including many upazilas and unions across Bangladesh. We call upon people from all walks of life to form similar human-chains and join the awareness programme taking place in the locality and express solidarity. We encourage all to wear red and hoist a red cloth in front of each house, office, factory and other establishments.

In addition to the nationwide programme, a cultural festival titled ‘Uddomey Uttoroney Shotokoti’(OBR Bangladesh) will be held at Shilpakala Academy from 3pm-10pm on the day with space for anyone who pledges to Resist and Protest violence against women to join the movement and RISE with us. The event will start with performances from school children and university youths and also art and photography exhibitions. There will be performances by Nagorik and Shadhona. The evening will also have a concert “No More – Aar Na” with renowned artists like Panthokanai, Chirkut, Palki, Warda Ashraf, Stone Freee, Krishnakoli, Nemesis and many others.

One Billion Rising is a global movement to end violence against women. As many as 200 countries and territories have pledged to rise in solidarity with the global movement. In Bangladesh, the campaign, called ‘Uddomey Uttoroney Shotokoti’, has been carried out in collaboration with different stakeholders.

In the lead up to 14 February, OBR Bangladesh has been implementing a series of activities to create awareness about violence against women and the conditions that not only allow but make inevitable such violations of women to continue unabated. We have over 334 organizations who are actively participating in and supporting the OBR movement.

The objective of this widespread protest across Bangladesh is to break the silence and inaction about violence against women. The reason for choosing Valentine’s Day is because there is a need to bring about a change in the commercialised nature of the day and establish it to be about loving and respecting women. ‘We want everyone to vow on this day that they won’t just give flowers to the women in their lives, but also ensure that they are never subjected to violence,” said Nijera Kori Coordinator Khushi Kabir, explaining the reasons for choosing February 14 as the day of RISING.



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